Sell Unregistered Cars In Canberra

There are many ways to sell unregistered cars in Canberra. One is you register it as quickly as possible to make maximum profit, and the other is to sell it unregistered and let the buyer handle the car’s registration. There are many reasons why car sellers choose to sell their unwanted vehicle without registering it, such as:
  • The registration of the vehicle is recently expired
  • Want to save the rego money for the new car
  • Didn’t get the time to register the car
  • The vehicle is being sold for parts, so registration is not necessary
  • Car is being turned into a show or race vehicle
Now let’s look at the two most common ways car owners sell their cars:

Sell Unregistered Car In Canberra

Regarding car selling, sellers and buyers are held responsible for the sale. Moreover, in ACT, buying a car with expired registration is completely legal. But once the buyer has inspected the vehicle and they have agreed to buy it, then you need to create a paper trail for sale.

Always Advertise It As Unregistered

Whenever selling unregistered vehicles, no matter the platform used, always mention its registration status. That is because these vehicles require more steps to move from one location to another.

Know All The Legal Process Of Selling The Car

You can always contact Canberra Access to learn about the rules associated with selling unregistered vehicles in Canberra. To sell an unregistered car in Canberra, you need the following:

Obtain An Unregistered Vehicle Permit

If the car you are trying to sell needs to be driven to be sold, then it’s important to receive an unregistered vehicle permit (UVP). This allows the vehicle to be driven on Canberra roads or related areas by providing temporary registration and compulsory third-party insurance.

Create A Paper Trail

Paper trails are important to protect oneself from any legal proceedings. When selling the car, you don’t have to draw up a complicated legal document. A simple and straightforward contract will suffice. Make sure to include the following:
  • Name, address, contact number, and Driver License number of both buyer and seller.
  • To validate the contract, ensure you and the buyer both sign the drawn-up contract. And make two identical copies for both of you.
  • Complete details of the car being sold, such as engine number, VIN, chassis number, and identifiable features of the car.
  • Proof of payment such as bank transfer details or cash transaction receipt.
  • Date of the car sale and price that you both agreed upon.
  • Any condition for the sale of the vehicle
  • Basic details of the car: make, model, condition

Transferring Rego Without Notice Of Disposal

If you are selling your unwanted car and have misplaced your Notice Of Disposal (NOD), you can fill out this form and return it to Road Transport Authority. This step is necessary to complete before selling the car. If not carried out then the seller can be liable for traffic infringements and offences.

Renew Your Vehicle Registration In Canberra Before Selling

Register The Car

If the vehicle is unregistered, the first step is re-establishing its registration. In ACT you can easily renew your unregistered vehicle up to 12 months after its expiry. But after 12 years of expiry, the registration should be re-established, not renewed. To re-establish a lapsed car registration, you need to get your car inspected by Access Canberra. Once that is done, complete the application on the back of the inspection certificate, take it to the Access Canberra Service Centres, and pay the required re-establish fee. The fee is as follows:
  • Fee payable for re-establishing the vehicle registration – $102.00
  • Fee payable for renewal of vehicle registration – $51.90

Obtain A Roadworthy Certificate

To sell any type of vehicle, you are required to have an up-to-date roadworthy. And it is necessary to move the registration to the new owner. It is not required for the seller to obtain these certificates. The buyer can also apply for the registration certificate if the deal is done. These certificates help car buyers know if the vehicle is ready to be divine on the road. In the ACT, you are not required to obtain a roadworthy certificate for vehicles under six years old, but cars older than six years must have an assessment. The roadworthy checks take into account:
  • Vehicles tires
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Safety
  • Security functions
  • Windscreen
All of this confirms that the vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. Additionally, always do your research before you are going out to sell unregistered cars in Canberra as there are many scammers in the market offering customers low ball offers. So, if you are looking for a fool-proof way to sell your car, Canberra Cash For Cars is a reliable and trusted business to sell your unregistered vehicle. Call now to learn more about our services. Note: This blog can be an introductory guide to selling your car with free car removal Canberra. For further information you can always visit the government link provided in the blog.