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Repairable vs. Statutory Write-offs: Selling hail-damaged cars in Canberra

In this post, we will talk about the types of write-offs and what you can do with the hail damaged cars in Canberra. Hail storms are considered some of the most dangerous storms known to man. In Australia, the January 2020 hailstorm wreaked havoc when it started pelting golf ball-sized hail, causing massive damage to vehicles all over the cities.

Repairing hail damage is quite difficult and time-consuming. This is because

  • Hailstorm affects whole cities, not just single areas. The January 20, 2020 hailstorm caused $320 million worth of vehicle damage in Canberra alone and destroyed years of CSIRO research with it.
  • Write-offs from Hail damage take longer than normal to process due to the sheer quantity of vehicles that are damaged in a single instant.

A quick way to sell your hail-damaged vehicles

Car selling greatly depends on the types of insurance you own. If your car has Comprehensive insurance, then it will cover everything from hail storm damage to falling objects. But if you have Auto liability coverage, then your insurance will not be covering it and most probably your vehicle will be written off. Selling your hail-damaged car can be simple if you opt for cash for car services. They accept all cars whether it’s a sedan, SUV, 4×4, Ute, etc. You can contact them and they can provide you a free quote for the car. But these services are more suitable for statutory write-offs than repairable write-offs.

Types of write-offs

There are two variants of write-offs: repairable and statutory

A repairable write-off is a vehicle that has great damage, but not as much to be considered as a statutory write-off. Sometimes these motor vehicles only have cosmetic damage but sometimes damage can be extensive. Such car’s VIN is recorded in the written-off vehicle register (WOVR) as a repairable write-off and these vehicles can be re-registered once:
  • It is repaired of all the damage
  • Gets a Roadworthy Certificate
  • Passes written-off vehicle inspection
A statutory write-off is a vehicle that has suffered great damage. So much so that the amount needed to repair is more than the cost of the vehicle. The VIN of such vehicle is written in WOVR and this vehicle cannot be re-registered in any of the Australian jurisdictions, even after repairs. These vehicles are used only for spare parts or metals.

Selling written-off vehicles

The vehicles which are classified as repairable write-offs need to get a Written-off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) certificate to be re-registered. But cars with WOVI certificates are sold for basement prices. It is not required by the law to disclose its status but buyers can easily view vehicle history online. Sellers should not expect market value for such cars even after getting them fixed. Statutory vehicles on the other hand are allowed by the ACT government to be sold directly to the recyclers for spare parts and metal. Both repairable and statutory vehicles can be sold to a used car buyer facility. These businesses don’t fix the car for resale but dismantle it. They salvage all of its useful spare parts and scrap metal and sell them. These businesses are more likely to offer better deals than any private buyer.