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    Unregistered cars

    How To Register A Car In Canberra?

    Perhaps you are new to the state or might be unaware of the registration laws and process altogether. Whatever the case, we have highlighted the procedure and the requirement on how you can register your car or truck:

    You can register your vehicle with the Canberra Authority, provided it falls in one of the following categories:

    1. acquired or purchased a vehicle, trailer or caravan
    2. inherited a vehicle, trailer or caravan
    3. adding a second person as the operator of a vehicle, trailer or caravan
    4. registering a vehicle, trailer or caravan for an organisation (company or charity).

    Make sure you bring the following documents when you visit the Service Centre:

    • Your proof of identity, like your ACT Driver’s Licence.
    • Your payment via card for the registration and transfer fees.
    • Check your registration needs via the online guide.
    Unregistered cars

    Choose One Of The Following Methods

    New Registration Laws

    “Free Registration for two years on New or used zero emissions vehicles.”

    That’s amazing news for electric car owners. New or used zero-emission vehicles purchased or acquired in the ACT from 24 May 2021 and before 30 June 2024 will receive two years of free Registration.

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    Unregistered cars

    Free Unregistered Car Removal Service In Canberra

    The hassle of transfer inevitably lingers on when you decide to get rid of your unregistered vehicle.

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    Towing companies are costing an arm or a leg for merely removing a car nowadays. However, you can smartly escape them by choosing us to sell your scrap vehicle.

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